BBCA Intruders Nerd HQ panel (2014)

The Elevator Story

Every floor, someone got on, like a robot and Chewbacca and then some aliens and eventually — and everybody was drunk and it was very late and I was thinking “am I gonna get away with this?”
Anonymous ASKED:
Unwanted touching kind of never leaves you alone. When I was 16, there was a substitute French teacher who spent the entirety of a class sitting next to me, running his hand up and down my back. It made my fucking skin crawl. It wasn't even overtly sexual, I would have been perfectly comfortable had it been someone close to me doing that, and I think that's part of why I never said anything. I knew it was inappropriate, but I couldn't explain WHY. It's been 10 years, I still think about it.

Oh, I know. I’ve had my fair share of it. And I often let it slide when I was younger, for many different reasons. I didn’t wanna make a scene. I convinced myself it wasn’t that bad. I told myself it meant I was desirable and society told me that was a good thing. I didn’t want to cause trouble at work. And, unfortunately, because I knew it wouldn’t change anything anyway, since they didn’t care what I wanted.

At an old job of mine, I was sexually harassed by so many men. And most of them where part of three groups of regulars. I remember talking to the milder group, who’d harassed me for months all in the name of good fun. They placed things high up on shelves, or on the floor, so they could watch me bend over or stretch my body to reach, so my top would ride up — and did so laughing and patting each other on the back. (The other group did that too, but they also touched me pretty much everywhere. Both groups harassed me verbally too). And the reason why I talked to the milder group was because I was too intimidated to talk to the others, because they were all friends of my boss, who clearly didn’t mind (and even joined in at times).

I’ll never forget their faces when I sat down to tell these much older men that I felt uncomfortable with their behavior. They were gobsmacked. Like, it hadn’t even occurred to them that they made me feel like a thing. It did change for the better. With some of them. With one of them it changed for the worse. And that’s the thing. This is why so many women don’t say anything. We know it often doesn’t matter. 

I’ve used my guy friends as “fake boyfriends” so many times to scare off idiots who won’t take no for an answer — and even that doesn’t even work sometimes! So, yeah, no wonder that we just take it. We’re constantly told that we don’t have the right to our own bodies.

Today I say something. Today I make a scene. But it took me a long time and a lot of thinking and a lot of learning to reach this point.

GIF Meme 


I’ve seen the Screencap Meme being used as a GIF Meme, too, but I thought I’d make my own inspired by that.

01. up close & personal: gifs where the subject is in close up.
02. showing emotion: gifs that prominently display a character’s emotions.
03. faceless: gifs where the subject’s face is not visible.
04. looking down: gifs where the subject is looking down.
05. bruised & battered: gifs where the subject is banged up.
06. hair: gifs that highlight a character’s (usually female) hair.
07. outfits: favorite outfits or looks that character has worn.
08. full body shots: gifs that show the subject’s entire body.
09. silhouettes: the subject should be in silhouette.
10. touch megifs where characters are touching each other or other things of importance.
11. scenerygasm: the subject of the gif is the dominant scenery.
12. objects: gifs where the primary focus is of an object not a character.
13. spacethe focus of these gifs is interesting use of space [often negative].
14.night & day: gifs where the subject is out in the light of day or the darkness of the night.
15. quotes: favourite quotes from a character, in gifs.
16. colors: 
an specific color is emphasised and highlighted in the gifs.
17. colours abound: 
gifs with great colouring even before editing.

18. tickles my pickle: whatever floats your boat. 

[*I (fightingsomany) edited the original version a little bit to suit my likings.]

Stick a number & a fandom/character/ship in my ask and I’ll make a gif set. Thank you! <3